Pemco PMDL-03A

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The active Pemco PMDL-03 radiator is suitable for connection to a heating system running on a liquid (water, glycol, etc.), particularly suitable for heating with a ground-water or air-water heat pump, where the recommended heating fluid temperature is about 30 degrees. A good solution for space heating / cooling where natural convection is not enough and where low temperature radiators are needed.

The radiator can be mounted on a wall, floor or ceiling.

Includes wired wall-mounted control panel with weekly programs and temperature fan control. One radiator can control multiple radiators.

Heating power 5420 W

Cooling power 2700 W

Included is also electrical heating element 1000 W

Ventilator consumption about 52 W at maximum speed.

Noise level up to 39 dB 

Pemco 03