De-Stefani MVT4000/MVT3000

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DeStefan grinding and milling line. In addition to grinding, it is possible to mill for example grooves for gaskets as well if sanding window and door frame parts. The line consists of 2 machines., MVT4000 and MVT3000 / 2. Year of production 2007, little worked and in very good condition.

Max product width 300 mm, max product thickness 100 mm, feeder speed 5-30 m / min.

MVT4000: 1. disk sander or cutter 4kW, 2. disk sander or cutter 5kW, 3. left belt sander. 4. top belt sander, 5. top belt sander, 6.disk sander or cutter, 5.5kW horizontal and vertical.

MVT 3000/2 : 1. top belt sander, 2. disk sander or cutter, 5.5kW, 3. top belt sander , 4. disk sander 2.2kW

Belt sander head specifications: power 4kW, head tilt -25 to +90 degrees, speed adjustable 140-1700 rpm. sanding belt measure 110x2760 mm.

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